Jorge Heilpern spices the scene with a piquant pair of bands

He’s won an Emmy, scored music for successful films and TV shows, and has worked out of late with a butt-kicking dance band. But now and then, Jorge Heilpern can’t escape a feeling of déjà vu.
“Sometimes, I feel like I am repeating myself,” says the Argentinian musician/composer, a recent settler in the hills of Woodstock. “Producing papers, producing music. In some ways, it’s the same energy. It’s still the same language. You are still servicing somebody. But, when you perform, it’s something else.” more…



…with a touch of Tango!!

(Bearsville, NY) June 25 – Exotic, intoxicating, infectious South American rhythms will get you moving this Saturday July 1st, when TANGOMAN takes over the Bearsville Theater with his Great Grand Latin Beat Pop World Dance Party. Door Opens at 8p with the show at 9pm. Tickets are $15. Like all of Tangoman’s recent performances, the show is expected to be a sell-out! To reserve tickets, call The Bearsville Theater at (845) 679-4406. more…

Pauly’s Hotel, Feb. 14

GIVE TANGOMAN—A MOST appropriate gift for Valentine’s Day.

Drawing upon the lush and lustful sounds of Latin music as their source, this six-piece Woodstock-based ensemble performed relationships and freedom. more…

Who says Latin is a dead language?

The capacity crowd at Thinker Street Cafe last Friday night was a dancin’, boppin’, grateful audience. Jorge Heilpern is Tangoman, with his acoustic guitar, warm baritone voice and infectious rhythmic style. Jorge, formerly of Mambo Daddy, is now putting his energy into Tangoman, and energy is what was released to Woodstock’s faithful as well as to many new faces in the crows. more…

April 18, 1991 Howard Vogel

“Pan-American trio rocks Lake”
By KITTY MONTGOMERY – Music Reviewer

WOODSTOCK — Pan-American games at the Joyous Lake Saturday night featured a trio of musicians currently indigenous to Woodstock.

Whatever the legend, when players like Canada born Garth Hudson of The Band and Winston Grennan, godfather of Jamaica’s rock-steady reggae beat join Argentine Tangoman Jorge Heilpern for a Saturday night pickup party, Woodstock is still a happening place. more…

Hail Jorge!

Starshine. Naturally luminous beyond the constellations of the hype manufactured by wannabes and media mavens, the real thing is unmistakable. Tangoman’s got it.

Songs by this Argentinian Aznavour named Jorge Heilpern slither, constrict the heart of any man who has suffered for love. Behind the intimacy and conviction of the lyrics he lives as he sings, there is a pulse. The five-piece band that backs him drives an open Latin beat, but Heilpern is possessed of an insidious rhythmic energy, densely tropical and primitive, that moves his audience to dance, dance, dance even while the motion of his song fixes them in an anaconda’s embrace. more…


Tangoman walks on the wild side
By KITTY MONTGOMETY – Music Reviewer

This musical phenomenon called Tangoman — is it a person, a band or a trip? Yes, yes and yes.

Singer Jorge Heilpern, who impels from the keyboard, insinuates vocals in the Latino tradition of Julio Iglesius and Charles Aznavour and writes all his songs and band arrangements, has undergone a multitude of changes since he’s “come out” as a professional musician. In the course of his metamorphosis from Argentinian economist to matinee idol, the excitement in his work gears higher and higher. more…

Road Show
“HEAR something different”

Cosmic to industrial, RPI electronic arts and adventure
By Greg Haymes
Special to The Times Union

And now for something completely different…
If you’ve got an ear for adventure, the chances are you’ve already discovered the electronic arts performance series presented by iEAR Studios at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Sometimes with a cosmic drift, sometimes with an industrial crunch, iEAR (which stands for Integrated Electronic Arts at Rensselaer) consistantly manages to challenge the status quo of the music world with a cavalcade of serious cutting-edge sounds. more…